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    Football- Romanian

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    Football kit has evolved significantly since the early days of the sport advancements in clothing manufacture. New Printing techniques allowed shirts to be made in lighter synthetic fibres with increasingly colourful and complex designs. With the sponsors’ logos on shirts.

     All of our soccer shirts are available in a wide range of team colours to match your club team wear range, there is virtually no limitation, giving your team/organization their own unique Image

    Heini is the reliable and SINGLE-source partner for both the professional and amateur side of the sport,


    • Designed, developed & Tested in Italy by professionals
    • Sport specific ITALIANfabric , studies and designed by professional to meet every need of the sport
    • 100% own production, customizable (Place your logo team names etc)
    • can have short or longsleeve or a mixture of both
    • No minimum order quantity
    • UV protection
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