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    Human Billboard

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    Why  spent ur entire  career dressed as a human billboard. From now on  wear something subtle and understated PROFESSIONAL …

    Most small business owners miss out on great, free exposure, because they fail to advertise their products or services, to the people who see them each day.

    Here is what Jim Connolly says about your opportunity to promote yourself instead of promoting other by paying them..

    As I waited for the shop owner to get my bike, I noticed a cycling jersey for sale. It was extremely expensive and had 9 advertising logos and slogans printed on it, from companies who sponsor professional cyclists. In their desire to look like their professional cycling role models, some amateur cyclists will pay a hefty fee, to turn themselves into a human billboard. So, they not only give these huge companies free advertising, they pay money out of their own pocket, for the privilege of giving them the free advertising.

    By the way, cyclists offer great, free advertising:

    • Most cyclists are in great shape and look extremely good in their cycling apparel. These healthy, fit people create a superb image, for the brands they advertise.
    • They often travel huge distances on their bikes, massively increasing the number of people who see the advertisements they wear. If they cycle in large towns or cities, thousands of people will see them.


    We are all human billboards

    Whilst amateur cyclists are the most extreme human billboard example I can think of, we are all human billboards to some extent.

    The computers we use, phones we use, cars we drive and clothing we wear, all carry a logo. For instance, as I write this post in my local coffee shop, anyone walking past can see the Lenovo brand displayed on the lid of my notebook. If they look at my shoes, they will see the Nike Swoosh on them. I’m a human billboard for these brands right now. Look around you and you’ll see logos or brand names on the items you wear or products you use, too.


    Your business and human billboards

    Here’s something to ponder: How many people advertise your business, through their clothing, vehicles or tools? If you just answered ‘none’ or ‘not many’, you may want to consider changing that.

    Some promotional goods can be extremely cost effective, but not if you do what most small business owners do with them. It’s not about thinking of them as freebies and handing them out to anyone, without a strategy. It requires a little more thought and planning than that.

    For example, if you decide to get some t-shirts made:

    • Make sure they clearly display your contact phone number or website or your company logo and not brands
    • Don’t buy cheap. 10 good quality shirts will be seen by more people than 100 cheap ones, which look like crap and are often trashed after a few washes!
    • Give them to people who will wear them.
    • Give them to people, who you believe represent a good image for your business. Just as fit, healthy cyclists are the right image for cycling sponsors, there will be people who are an ideal fit for your business too. So, if you sell to the construction industry, give your t-shirts to tradespeople, etc.

    Your mileage may vary

    There are many factors, which will determine how effective this idea will be for you and your business. Your industry, the quality of your designs, your location and the ease at which your website or phone number can be remembered, are just some of the factors.

    In my experience, this works best when you invest in quality. Adopting a professional approach will make your message stand out and ensure more people see it. It will also give people an insight into the quality you attach to your business.


    Courtesy  : jimsmarketing

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