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    The pros of women’s bib shorts/knickers

    By heinisports 11 months agoNo Comments
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    Over the years, I’ve seen quite a few ladies to get into cycling, and when we get to discussing what’s best to wear they’re always a little surprised when I mention going with bib knickers

    What you choose to wear on your bum makes a big difference to your ride.


    Well bib shorts/knickers offer more comfort around the waist. With regular shorts you need to tie up the drawstring well to prevent them from slipping down a bit. Since there’s no waistband, there’s also no drawstring or itchy, uncomfortable elastic cutting into your abdomen. You’re less likely to feel as if your blood flow and oxygen intake through deep diaphragmatic breathing is being restricted. Therefore, you’ll feel more productive in the saddle, especially over long distances. Another drawback to the traditional waistband is that they collect and retain moisture, which increases the potential for chafing and overall likelihood of discomfort. Bib shorts will leave you feeling completely free and comfortable .


    Traditional cycling shorts will end up slipping down over time, and that means the chamois, or pad, will shift as well. Keeping the chamois in place will ensure there is less potential for chafing, saddle sores, and generally unhappy times. Bib shorts/knickers by nature are designed in a way that guarantees the chamois stays perfectly in place.


    As mentioned above, bib shorts/knickers utilize lightweight, breathable mesh or Lycra straps over the shoulders. While there are a number of advantages to shoulder straps, the biggest benefit is how they comfortably hold the bib as a whole in place without creating pressure or binding points anywhere on the body. Properly fitting bib shorts should disappear when you are in your natural cycling position.


    You won’t feel anything tugging, binding or chaffing. Our women specific SIENA bibs are designed and tested in Italy by professionals , a natural bend or articulation that mimics the contour of your body when you’re on your bike. This articulation means you experience total and complete comfort when on your bike because of a reduction in fabric bunching.

    The best designed cycling jerseys are shorter in the front to reduce fabric bunching and provide a more aerodynamic fit. For taller riders with traditional shorts that might mean they’ll be sporting the bare midriff when they’re not actually on their bike. With bib shorts being obviously cut higher than a traditional short, a seamless transition between shorts and jersey is maintained at all times. To the onlooker, your bib short and cycling jersey will look just like a jersey and traditional short would; to the wearer though,

    the choice of shorts is always a personal one, but I urge anyone who hasn’t tried bibs yet to give them a spin

    So, next time you go shopping for a new set of shorts, consider bib shorts. And let us know what you think!

    Please do not spend the money on Men’s bibs, unless you are built more like a Man. Cycling apparel companies are finally putting the time into developing great comfy bibs for Ladies, and all should show them that we are noticing that by supporting Women-specific items. A man’s chamois is built to fit differently than a woman’s – it’s not just a size thing, but an anatomy thing.

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