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    AURA: 100% Polyester : 135 GSM Breathable fabric with wicking property
    For: Basketball

    CLASSIC: 100% Polyester : 135 GSM, Light weight, elastic fabric
    For : Running, Cricket

    MAYA: 100% polyester, 135 GSM, Highly elastic and allows rapid wicking of sweat & moisture.
    For : Running, Cricket.

    Elite: 100% polyester 135 GSM, Sanitized for maximum hygiene, very soft micro fiber embraces the body giving maximum freedom of movement.
    For: Cycling, Running.

    ULTRA: 100% Polyester, 200GSM, Slightly fleeced fabric made from selected high quality yarn, ideal for the use in colder months, keeping the body dry and maintaining the ideal body temperature even under intense physical activity.
    For: Cycling, Running.

    Resist: 90% polyester 10% polyurethane, 190 GSM/300 GSM. The windproof membrane that also regulates the body temperature, an ideal protection barrier against the wind and cold, comes in light and heavy fleeced.
    For: Cycling.

    ARYA: 100% Polyester, 140 GSM. Highly breathable and has high wicking property.
    For: Basketball

    Secure: 100% Polyester, 120 GSM. Light weight, highly elastic fabric guaranteeing free movement and maintaining right body temperature.
    For: Volley, Badminton.

    BEST: 100% Polyester 135 GSM, Very light fabric guarantees an exceptional breath ability. The great elasticity gives a comfort fit.
    For: Volley.

    AGINI: 100% polyester 140 GSM, Elastic fabric with moisture wicking property.
    For: Soccer.

    Performer: 80% polyester 20% elastane, 190 GSM. 2 way elastic fabric guaranteeing maximum wearing comfort,.
    For: Cycling, Running.

    RIDE: 80% polyester 20% Lycra, 210 GSM. Ideal in reducing the vibrations of the muscles under stress, hence improving overall performance of the athletes.
    For: Cycling, Running.

    Superroubiax : 84% polyamide, 16% Lycra, 245 GSM. State of art winter fabric, fleeced inside with excellent 4 way stretch and wicking property.
    For: Cycling, Running.

    Alaska: 90% polyester 10% Elastane, 210 GSM. 2 way stretch fabric, fleeced inside, has good wicking property.
    For: Cycling, Running.