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    Our Skills


    Individual Time Trail(ITT)

    • The Race Of Truth
    • Riders race against the clock, starting in equal intervals

    • Courses are on public roads

    • Any bicycle which is human powered only can be used

    Structure and Schedule

    The Heini Championship 2017 is a series of 3 ITTs on the below dates,
    • August’17 – 13th, Sunday
    • October’17 – 29th Sunday
    • December’17 – 24th, Sunday
    Place and Distance
    • Start Point – Kaniyur Toll Plaza, Coimbatore – Salem Highway, Coimbatore
    • Finish – Tirupur Annaporana hotel along the NH
    • Distance – Approx 13.5 Kms
    • Reporting – 06:00 hrs
    • Line Up – 06:15 hrs


      • Points will be awarded for the top five positions and for all finishers in the below pattern


      • 1st

      • 2nd

      • 3rd

      • 4th

      • 5

      • Participation

      • Penalty


      • 10

      • 8

      • 5

      • 4

      • 2

      • 1

      • 1

      • The race winner is the rider who bags the highest point in a race

      • The championship winner is the rider who has accumulated the highest total at the end of the series

      • Riders bagging the top three positions in each race and championship win attractive Heini Merchandise

    Catergories and eligibility

    • The event is open for riders who are above the age of 16 as on 13th Aug 17 (born on or before 13th Aug 2001)
    • There will be separate classification for male and female riders


    • The race will be run on open roads not closed to traffic. Riders are expected to abide by the road rules at all times
    • Riders are advised to stick to the left lane
    • Exercise extreme caution while passing vehicles and fellow riders
    • Leave at least 3 feet gap when passing trucks parked in the left lane
    • Bicycle ridhts, front and rear are mandatory, The lights should be in flashing mode while on the course
    • No helmet, no ride

    Racing Procedure

      • Drafting is prohibited

      • Riders cannot draft fellow participants or any other vehicles in the time trial course

      • Classification will not be announced for riders found drafting and a point penalty will also be imposed

      • If one rider is caught up by another, he may neither lead nor follow in the slipstream of the rider who caught up

      • Riders may not help one another


      • All riders must present themselves for checks on their bicycles no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled line up time

      • The start will be an interval start. Riders will be given a start in one minute intervals

      • The starting order for individual time trial stages shall be the reverse order of the general time classification

      • The rider shall start from a stationary position. He shall be held and then released. without being pushed, by a holder

      • The same holder shall perform the task for each rider

      • The rider shall start his ride under the orders of the timekeeper who shall count down to the starting time, following which the timing of the ride shall start

      • The time of any rider who reports late to the start shall be calculated from that rider’s scheduled starting time


    • Registration Options – Online/Ofline

    • Riders can choose any one of the options listed below

      • Registration for one ITT – INR 150/-

      • Registration fof the complete Series – INR 400/-

      • Spot Registration – INR 200/- per event

    • Registration includes breakfast for all riders at the finish

    • Online and offline registrations close on 11th Aug’17. Friday, 18:00 hrs

    • Online registration now click here

    Payment Options

    • Offline payment – Heini Store, 34/1, First Corss(Near Welcome Hotel), West Club Road, Coimbatore – 641018

    • Online payment – Call Deepak @ 9884409181 for detais


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    • Deepak@9884409181