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    Our Skills


    Intro of Us

    Heini Sports

    We gained 10 years of work experience at  one of Europe’s largest sport apparel manufacturing companies located in Italy, which uses state-of-the-art technology to create premier apparels.

    With the idea of delivering the same level of quality and comfort in India,  Heini Sports was started in 2009 with the motto “Your Design, Delivered” and has quickly earned the reputation as a company offering the finest quality of customized garments for a wide range of sports and activities.


    Our goal is to allow customers to be in their own brand.

    About US :

    We are an industry leader in the private label sportswear apparel market. Our aim is to design and manufacture products using high quality and unique fabrics, sublimation and production processes, while providing our customers a level of customization and identity that differentiates their brand in the market place.
    With the help of the largest private label manufacturer in Europe and in collaboration with the University of Innsburg for product testing, we assure you of the best quality products, tested by professionals.


      • Sport clubs and teams
      • Multinational purchasing organizations in the sports industry
      • Bicycle brands for promotion
      • Sport wholesalers/retailers
      • Sports outfitters/stores
      • Textile (fashion) brands & their related sport labels

    Heini Sport In Numbers

    • Employees: 75 (2 shifts per day)
    • Surface area: 20,000 Sqft
    • Production: Over 25,000 units of functional sports clothes with sublimation print



      • Electronic/automatic cutting machines
      • Traditional cutting machines
      • Laser cutting equipment
      • Specific and specialized range of over 60 sewing machines
      • 6 electronic direct screen printing machines
      • 6 digital SUBLIMATION print plotters
      • 2 traditional small SUBLIMATION print machines
      • 2 Sublimation transfer presses
      • Welding and bonding machines

    Services Name

    Core Services:
    • Fabric selection / fabric consultancy
    • Design & graphics
    • Product development
    • Digital printing + paper printing
    • Sublimation transfer
    • Sewing
    • Job order production
    Additional Services:
    • Warehousing + logistics
    • Labeling
    • In-depth design consultation
    Other services:
    • Screen printing + embroidery
    • Ironing service etc.

    Qualifying Features


    Our employees are very carefully selected, evaluated and trained. We continuously encourage and develop participation in interoffice training programs.


    Our customers can choose from a large range of customized methods:

    • direct silkscreen printing
    • digital sublimation transfer printing
    • graphic proposals
    • embroidery
    • logo application

    We are focused on developing new products and technologies. We have an interdepartmental design team that annually takes part in development and/or improvement programs.


    Lead Time represents for us a very important factor in order to satisfy our clients. Generally we have a lead time between 2-3 weeks and one month, depending on contractual agreement.


    We are able to deliver the best quality products on time. We plan and monitor all production processes through a specialized integrated program. The strategic location of Coimbatore makes it possible to deliver our goods  to all corners of the world.


    Achieving and maintaining the best technical equipment is a key focus. The investment in infrastructure and machinery is an ongoing priority for our team. Now we cover all range of textile sewing machines (more than 60) and all ranges of personalization techniques. Our maintenance team follows a preventive maintenance program in order to provide the production departments all necessary equipment in a very good condition.


    Our interdepartmental teams coordinated by the customers’ account manager, collaborates with customers throughout the order process. This includes materials and suppliers selection, design and development (both for products and graphics), technical proposal and delivery modalities.


    We comply with all local legal requirements. Also, at the request of some of our clients, we have implemented a set of environmental procedures. The next step in our development plan is to implement and obtain ISO 9000:2008.