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    Welcome On Mobius

    Mobius was created by professionnal coders and passionate people.

    We made all the best only for you, to enjoy great features and design quality. Mobius was build in order to reach a pixel perfect layout.

    Mobius includes exclusive features such as the Themeone Slider, Themeone Shorcode Generator and Mobius Grid Generator.

    Our Skills

    • Order Overview
    • PO Number

      Under this column is the number of the order generated by you.

    • Creation Date

      Under this column is the creation date. The date is filled in automatically.

    • Creation Date

      Under this column is the temporary image you sent to us via internet; on this image you can not see VECTORIAL logos. You can see that the logos are on the website but you can not open them.

    • Order

      Under this column is the order generated by you. The order does not include price and other sales conditions.

    • Design

      Under this column is the design our graphic department has loaded on the order overview. On this proposal you can see all your logos.

    • Confirm Date Design

      Under this column you confirm the design without any changes or modifications. When you make this confirmation we start with the sample production.

    • Sample confirmation

      Under this column you can find the date when the sample/photo has been confirmed.

    • Order confirmation

      Under this column you can see the order confirmation with the prices and all the other delivery conditions. Please confirm the order quickly.

    • Confirm date PO

      Under this column is the date when you have confirmed the document order confirmation. The expected delivery date will be calculated from this date.

    • Expected delivery

      Under this column you can see the delivery term for your order; it is the estimated date when you will receive the order.

    • Delivery date

      Under this column you can find the date when the order has been effectively shipped.

    • Sample shipping

      Photo – from 26-60 pieces a photo of the printed fabric is uploaded for customer approval.


    • New – a new order has been created.
    • Client confirmation – the customer has confirmed the initial order.
    • Request graphical conf – the design graphic file has been uploaded and is waiting for your confirmation.
    • Graphic confirmation – the customer has confirmed the design graphic file.
    • Request template – the customer has requested graphical changes on the shipped sample and a final template is requested.
    • Request template confirmation – the template has been uploaded and is waiting for the customer’s confirmation.
    • Request sample confirmation – the sample/photo has been sent and we are waiting the customer’s confirmation.
    • Sample confirmed – the customer has confirmed the sample.

    Terms of delivery & Time Schedule

    Initial proceedings

    From the moment you send us your temporary image with all the logos, we need a maximum of 2 days to load the final design proposal onto the system.

    For the photo sample, we need 2 working days after your confirmation; for the made up sample, we need 3 working days to produce and 1 day to transport, which makes it 4 working days.

    Design confirmations

    Customers cannot complain if design or sample confirmations are not given immediately. Our delivery time of 3 weeks begins from the date of your confirmation of the sample. If you have an urgent delivery term it is important that you collaborate closely with our sales office by confirming designs and samples immediately.


    We do our very best to maintain time schedules. It is important that you deliver logos in an acceptable quality in order to avoid us losing time in doing our work correctly. In some cases it is not possible to do a correct work if the logos are in bad quality.

    Our target is to achieve good collaboration with our customers and reduce unnecessary communication. To reach this goal it is necessary that you press your customer to give design / sample confirmation quickly.

    If we are not able to keep our time schedule, do not hesitate to inform your contact person and the person in charge of our project.

    Types of Samples

    0-25 pieces no sample
    26-60 pieces photo of a printed fabric 2 working days
    61-140 pieces we send a printed fabric 3 working days
    Over 141 pieces we send a finished sample 4 working days

    Minimum Order

    The minimum quantity per order is 15 pieces. The order can be for example 8 Jerseys and 7 pants from the same design and the same sport. All the sizes can be different, but they must be either children or adult; it cannot be mixed between children and adult; also men and women can’t be mixed. In the order of 15 pieces a single goalkeeper jersey or pant can be included.

    Why Minimum Quantity?

    For reorders we accept also smaller quantities, but you have to pay a surcharge; for this reason we strongly suggest that you order a few extra items without number. In this case you can apply the number with a heat transfer.