1. The biggest cycling brand you’ve never heard of- By Corey Sar Fox

    There is an astonishing lack of transparency in cycling. For instance, the equipment and apparel we use as cyclists is seldom made by the companies that put their names on it. Likewise, it is a challenge to find out where and under what environmental or social conditions these products have been manufactured.

    In the world of cycling apparel there’s a company you’ve likely never heard of that dominates the industry: TEXmarket. Corey Sar Fox investigates.

    The great majority of the Italian cycling industry, from Atala to Zullo, is based in two regions: Lombardia (Milan) and Veneto (Verona). So, it is a bit surprising to find such a big fish like TEXmarket in my hometown of Bolzano, in the semi-autonomous region of South Tirol, or Alto Adige in Italian. Or so I thought before spending the morning with their co-CEO, Dr. Christoph Widma

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  2. How to clean your cycling Kit

    If you have invested a lot of money in a high quality cycling jersey or jacket, it makes sense to care for your gear the best way you can to make sure they last a long time. These garments are specially designed to improve your speed and stamina performance, so getting in to good habits with how you wash your clothes is vital.

    We provide simple advice, tips and tricks for you to follow in order to keep your cycling jersey at its best:


    When you finish your cycle and your clothes are drenched in sweat, the natural decision is to throw them in the hamper. The problem is that they will most likely stay there for a while. Instead you should hang your jersey out to air-dry.

    If your body has a tendency to sweat a lot, water-rinse the garments after each use to protect the fibers from bacterial attacks which might lead to fabric deteriora

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  3. Guide to ordering custom clothing

    Pricing, minimums, tips and advice on buying custom gear for your team or club

    Cyclist/Runners/Team sports have more options than ever for buying custom-printed kits. Whether shopping for head-to-toe clothing for a huge club or just a single jersey, you can find a company that will design, produce and ship to your home.

     It is important to figure out what your needs are,” Do you just want custom graphics on whatever piece made wherever? Do you want a really custom approach with options for your needs in climate, fit, amount and type of use, price and turnaround time? A free event jersey for 500 people does not need to be the same level as that which a team member will train and race in all season — or more. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions.”

    Type of clothing turnaround times, pricing and minimum-order requiremen

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  4. Custom Soccer gear

    Football is among the most popular sports in the country. Many kids begin at a very early stage or flag football league in their elementary school years or even younger, and they may continue to play football through college and beyond.

    When you are responsible for your team wear , you understandably want to design stylish apparel that have a professional look to them, and you also want to invest in quality football uniforms that will hold up well to the rugged demands of the sport. There are a few key factors to look for when you are selecting a provider to work with and when you are designing and ordering uniforms for your team

    Quality Fabrics

    One of the most important factors to consider when you are shopping for quality football gear is the type of fabric that will be used. While different suppliers will use different materials or blended fabrics,

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    When looking for the perfect active/sport wear for your team, it’s easy to get confused and lost in the crowd. It seems like every day there is a new company with the most atrocious website telling you their product is just as good and to “Trust them”…it kind of reminds me of that credit card commercial where the Sales guy says “Hello, how may I help you, my name… ”.

    Every year we are inspired by the latest and greatest in sporting gears because everyone wants to look and feel great . Unfortunately, that has led to an abundance of people trying to make a quick buck by promising the world but rarely do they ever deliver the goods.

    More than 90% of the active or sport wear industry has been overrun by re-sellers that have a “connection” to some factory in the middle of China, Philippines, Pakistan or Indonesia and put up a nice website and voila! All of a sudden t

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  6. Do you need to warm up before cycling?

    Skipping your warm-up may save time, but your performance will suffer

    A warm-up before a training session or race is essential for preparing your body for exercise. Not only will it help you to perform better, but it will also protect your body from injury.

    What a warm-up does

    A racing driver wouldn’t hit the accelerator without giving the engine time to warm up, and it’s the same when you’re on your bike. When you are cycling, your body shifts up a gear from its resting state. If you start to pedal hard from a cold start you will soon find yourself gasping for air and with an uncomfortable burn in your legs.

    A good warm-up switches on your energy production system and gets it running smoothly. To supply the energy for cycling your body starts a process called glycolysis, breaking down stored fuel in your muscles. To do this your body requires more o

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  7. How Sports gear influence performance in sport and exercise

    Does What you wear affect your fitess goal.?

    you’re going to get hot and sweaty anyway. Why not just slip into a worn out cotton t-shirt and beat up shorts?

    Why does it matter what you wear for a workout?

    • Researchers have found that getting into the right clothes helps motivation
    • The ‘symbolic meaning’ of clothes makes you more focused on the task, Means you will get better results too.

    Finding the willpower to make it to the gym or go for a run /cycle is hard enough at the best of times, but it’s especially difficult when it’s dark and cold outside.

    But the secret to finding that extra boost of motivation which will get you off the sofa and burning off those extra calories could be as simple as just getting changed into your fitness clothes.
    Researchers at the Northwestern University in

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